Winter at Lake George

Winter arrived early at Lake George this year.  December was a very cold month with a couple of good snowstorms as well.  The Lake froze over in late December, almost a month earlier than normal!  A number of good snowstorms gave us a great early season snowpack.  We even woke up on Christmas morning to almost a foot of fresh snow.

January started out cold as well, and then we had the first thaw of the season around mid month.  One day of 60 degree temperatures and steady drizzle erased most of the snowpack, but the ice held firm.  Cold days and snow returned at the end of the month, setting up for a good Ice Bar Season and Lake George Village Winter Carnival.

Ice Bars have become very popular as the region tries to become a year round destination.   Bolton Landing, Diamond Point, and Lake George Village hosted a number of Ice Bars the last few weekends of January, and the first weekends of February.  Sitting on an ice stool, at and ice bar, with a great specialty drink, while looking at the Lake is a great way to spend a 15 degree day!

The weather cooperated with the Winter Carnival very well this year.  All of the classic events were able to be held on the ice, including outhouse races, car races, motorcycle races, helicopter rides, ice skating, diving exhibitions, and everyones favorite weekly event the Polar Plunge.  It is worth experiencing winter on the Lake at least once to see this spectacle

We are in the heart of the reservation process at the Lodge.  It was great to hear from so many returning guests looking to book for the 2018 season.   It’s fun for us to hear of so many “countdowns” that have already started to arrival day at Canoe Island Lodge!   We have also booked in many new guests, ready to experience their first visit to the Lodge, hopefully a start to years of family memories.

It will be summer before we know it.  We look forward to warm, sunny days spent sailing and relaxing lakeside.  And we look forward to welcoming you to the Lodge!  See you in a few months!